A Great Responsibility For The Owner Essay

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Juan Espinosa - 10/17/16 SEC 753 Final 1) Risks are everywhere but we need to plan accordingly and be aware of it. Owning a particular place, building or establishment is a great responsibility for the owner. The owner though is not require in some cases to establish a security plan. This means that in some cases the owner is not require to have guards, cameras or any type of security devices. This may be purely optional, and an option that can come with consequences if used. What do I mean with this? if this is not require and the owner decided to put guards and cameras, this means that the owner and the third party security company are taking the responsibility of protecting the people in the establishment. This is how tricky the law can be, that is why one should really check for every little outcome while making a decision of this magnitude. This may seem as a noble step from the owner, maybe he/she is trying to protect his product, maybe wants to protect the people coming into the business or those working. It all make sense when seem from that perspective but like I said before decisions such as this one can come with greater impact to the business or the owner if something is to happen to a person in this establishment. The above scenario can be appreciated on the case of Berg v. Allied Security and Podolsky Associates. The case described Joan Berg as the plaintiff and Allied Security as well as Podolsky as the defendants. Joan Berg was assaulted by a unknown
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