A Great Ruler From Lao Tzu 's Thoughts From The Tao Te Ching

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A Great Ruler
The right way to lead, found in Lao-tzu’s “Thoughts from the Tao-te Ching”

In all lines of work, society needs a leader that takes pride and trusts his own people. A leader that lets go. Lau-tzu agrees, as he suggests, that while “the master governs, the people are hardly aware he exists” (206). Lau-tzu’s ideas consist of people having a leader, but not necessarily being controlled by one. People should be able to make his or her own decisions. When a leader governs people too strictly it can cause mistrust, which can cause a collision between the people and the leader. A leader should want his people to feel powerful instead of powerless by restraining them. Lau-tzu says, when the leaders “work is done the people should say “amazing: we did it all by ourselves!” (207). This accomplishment made by the people will encourage them to serve towards greater things on their own. Lau-tzu says, “Throw away morality and justice, and people will do the right thing. Throw away industry and profit, and there won’t be any thieves” (207). Lau-tzu’s thoughts show that people will automatically do the right thing if you don’t tell them what they can and cannot do. If the leader takes out these certain aspects of life, the people will do what is right. The best leader barely leads at all. These leadership strategies can also be used in the business world. An employee would much rather have a boss that is looked up to and respected, not someone that is not admirable.…
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