A Great Trial On The President Of The United States

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On the Inauguration Day of every president of the United States of America, the country looks to one man to govern the nation to prosperity. A great trial begins for the new president that will judge his ability to lead and manage a country. How he performs will determine the legacy he will leave behind. The imperative skill of strong leadership, particularly in times of tension and disaster, is needed in order to make smart decisions and compromises for the good of the nation. Sound leadership provided by a president gives the people of the country a figure to guide them through trying times. When analyzing presidencies, it is also important to assess the domestic accomplishments that took place during that particular president’s term(s), that is, the political, economic, and social changes pertaining to the United States that positively impacted the people and upheld the values within the constitution. Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881) and George W. Bush Jr. (2001-2009), although serving as president more than a century apart, have both left legacies that transcend history. Overall, Bush has had more influence on the United States when assessing his domestic, economic, and foreign actions; however, a majority of these decisions have had a negative impact on the prosperity of the US. Hayes had more influence on minority groups, specifically African Americans and Native Americans, but the rights of these two groups were not protected. Hayes was less influential regarding

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