A Great Writer By Herman Melville

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It is not everyday that a man is able to write himself into history, only the greatest and most daring writers are able to break the threshold of humanity and ascend into the history books. Growing up with two of the most influential grandfathers who were both Revolutionary heroes, Herman Melville grew into a great writer. Bankruptcy and the loss of his father at age 12 had such a big impact on Herman that he was taken out of school and forced to work. He self-taught himself and briefly went back to school to study Engineering (Reiff 9-11). During his early 20s, Melville was unable to get a job in engineering. He faced economic hardships which influenced him to go on voyages as an escape from his problems. Sailing consisted of relaxing and romanticizing with beautiful islanders despite the horrors of military punishments he experienced (Reiff 13). From 1844 to 1857, Melville spent his years as a full time writer to gain prestige and money while supporting his family (American Experience). Melville became known for one of his novels, Moby Dick, which was dedicated to Nathaniel Hawthorne. Moby Dick is known as one of the Greatest American Novels because the story had an exciting plot, philosophical statements, many comparisons, and symbols making the novel very complex. The complexity of the literary writing symbolized romance, particularly the romance of the sea. The novel was based on the life of a sailor who experienced a tragic voyage and a white whale named Moby Dick.

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