A Green Paper Submission Addressing Action For Our Future

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This report is a Green Paper submission addressing action for our future to tackle climate change. The report will entail information on climate change, global warming and Canberra’s ecological footprint status. The report will evaluate past and current ACT water statuses and evaluate proposals to prolong Canberra’s water security for future/possible weather extremities due to global warming and climate change.
Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change:
Climate change is changes in the earths weather, including changes in temperature, wind patterns and rainfall, especially the increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere that is caused by the increase of particular gases; especially carbon dioxide. (Enssa.eu, 2015)
Scientific evidence has proven that increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere are having an effect on our climate and oceans and the earths ecological systems. (AP2, 2015)
The greenhouse effect is a natural process where greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane etc.) in the earth’s atmosphere trap heat and provide a stable temperature range and a hospitable environment for life. When there are increased levels of gases in the atmosphere (through the burning of fossil fuels); the result I additional heat being trapped (see figure 1) (Wwf.org.au, 2015)

Global carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide concentrations have risen rapidly through the past. The concentration of carbon in 2010 reached a new level of 390…
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