A Green Roof

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Not long ago Pittsburgh was a city that travelers described as, “hell with the lid off” (Madrigal). The smoke was so thick that it looked to be midnight when it was really only noon. While many can no longer relate to what it felt like walking through this city, those few students who have ventured into the Armstrong Tunnel that runs under campus have described emerging in a layer of filth. No one wants to take a walk and become coated in a sheet of soot by the time they reach their destination. Almost everyone who knows of Pittsburgh knows of its bleak past, but we can create a new future for this city that once was concealed in smoke.
Duquesne University was built in the middle of Pittsburgh, leaving not much room for green space. The solution to this dilemma is a garden high in the sky, a green roof. Dictionary.com describes a green roof as, “a roof covered with vegetation, designed for its aesthetic value and to optimize energy conservation.” This roof is the answer that Pittsburgh has been looking for.
Green roofs are beneficial in so many ways. First, they improve the air quality. This is due to the fact that, “Plants reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produce oxygen” (Environmental). Increasing air quality leads to increased health and quality of life for those in the city. Second, they increase biodiversity and wildlife. This, however, will not happen if a generic green roof is assembled. According to research, “green roofs need to be designed to meet
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