A Grounded Theory Research Study

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Another type of research is grounded theory research. A grounded theory research study will attempt to generate or discover a theory. This type of research is grounded in data from individuals who have experienced a process. Some of the defining features include: a focus on a process or an action, development of a theory, memoing, data collection, and data analysis. The process or action that a researcher may look into would have movement or an action the researcher may be trying to explain. A process could be generating a new program. Researchers also seek to define new theories through the process or action they may decide to take. Memoing would include the researcher jotting down notes and ideas as the data is collected. Data collection…show more content…
There are two types of grounded theory: systematic and constructivist (Creswell, 2013). In a systematic approach, the researcher will strive to develop a theory that may explain the process, action, or interaction of a topic. In this type of study, the researcher will conduct 20-30 interviews. Within this systematic approach, there are different types of coding and terms to be aware of. The first is category, theoretical sampling, constant comparative, open coding, causal conditions, strategies, intervening conditions, consequences, axial coding, selective coding, and propositions.(define terms, p. 86). The second type of grounded theory is the constructivist approach. Unlike the systematic approach, the constructivist approach looks at and emphasizes “diverse local worlds, multiple realties, and the complexities of particular worlds, views, and actions” (Creswell, 2013, p. 87). Constructivists focus more on the views, values, beliefs, feelings, assumptions, and ideologies of individuals rather than methods. The procedures of grounded theory research include: determination of this is the right type of research, research questions, data analysis. A research must first determine if grounded theory is the best option for them to conduct their research. Then, they will come up with research questions that focus on an individual’s personal experiences. After the researcher asks general questions, they will go back to evaluating them on their own time. Later,
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