A Group Meeting At 10 : 15 At The Church Of The Resurrection

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group Description:
The CODA, Codependents Anonymous group meeting I attended meets every Saturday at 10:15 at the Church of the Resurrection in Tempe. This self-help group is open and homogeneous. It is for women only, is in one of the church’s small classrooms, and has a couple rectangular tables and chairs to place as needed for the group size. The date I attended, March 26th there were eleven other women, all Caucasian, ages approximately from early twenties to early sixties. Occupations and status were not discussed. The meeting does not have a specific leader; instead members are encouraged to take turns rotating who facilitate the meeting.
I received permission through this group through a longtime friend and former coworker that
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The goal is to have every person facilitate at least one meeting and in doing so not take a leadership role but to keep the other members on task and within guidelines of the rules of CODA. The particular facilitator on March 26th did discuss her career as being something in administration and that she had recently been laid off. She did not offer any information on her training or education; instead she discussed her recent revelations with codependency, how she has grown from it, and what the meeting meant for her. She then allowed every member to have five minutes to do the same.
This particular leader was calm, nice, welcoming, smiled, allowed everyone time to speak, and used a timer; but let members finish if their time was up, she did not have to intervene at any point.
“Typically, they are directed by nonprofessional leaders who empower themselves or one of their members to facilitate the group. Some self-help groups are inner focused and work to provide each other mutual support around issues” (Maguire, 2002, p.125). The facilitator for the day asks if others want to read over the rules and if nobody volunteers she does. The rules include: no cross talk, limiting interruptions, if you need to answer a call or leave then do so quietly, and making this meeting your own journey, not others, and time to reflect on yourself not offer help to others. The meeting does not pause for anyone or
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