A Group Of Counselors At Lunch At A Local Restaurant

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A group of counselors in a large clinic are at lunch at a local restaurant. During the course of lunch, Frank and Megan start getting into a discussion about a tough case. Emily is an intern and due to the type of work she wants to do is limited to just several settings. Frank and Megan are both her supervisors and hiring managers at the setting. Emily is very uncomfortable since they are using client names and information. Client Confidentiality Psychotherapy is an intense and complex process, that can be isolating for many practitioners. Consequently, many counselors turn to their peers for guidance and support when faced with difficult cases. When doing so, counselors must always strive to maintain client’s confidentiality since it is the cornerstone of a therapeutic relationship and is an ethical duty (APA, 2002). The ACA Code of Ethics (American Counseling Association [ACA], 2014) states that counselors protect confidential information of a client and when consulting with others, do not disclose information that could lead to the identification of a client without the client 's prior consent. Additionally, confidential information is only discussed in settings, where clients’ privacy can be ensured (Standard B.3.c). That brings one to one of the main ethical issues in the above case. It is not clear whether counselors Frank and Megan have obtained informed consent from the client prior to discussing his or her case. Regardless, they are still breaching client’s
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