A Group Of French Artists In Paris, Of Which Included Claude

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A group of French artists in Paris, of which included Claude Monet and Berthe Morisot, worked together in their academic painting, while rejecting Salons and becoming independent from the Académie. They created a self-supporting group rather than relying on state-sanctioned institutions (Stokstad 987). Impressionists challenged the way paintings were viewed, and critics often viewed their paintings as unfinished. As a result, they unknowingly started the movement of Impressionism, and the movement changed the way art was created. Impressionist artists escaped from the norms of painting religion and the working class, and turned to subjects like landscape, nature, and the upper class.
The Academy deemed that only “history painting” was
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Impression: Sunrise by Claude Monet and Summers Day by Berthe Morisot, share impressionist similarities in color and composition while differing in subject matter and technique.

Claude Monet sparked the beginning of the Impressionist movement and began to paint “en plein air” as suggested by a friend. Monet focused on the creation of a modern painting instead of subjects on social commentary that the artists (the “Realists”) before him depicted. He explored personal impressions of light and color throughout his career, mainly focusing on the way light played across a surface. He would change the appearance of a painting the more the natural light changed throughout the day, “capturing the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere” (Stokstad 989). This is shown in his painting Impression: Sunrise; even though, this painting, and technique, were criticized. Critics ridiculed his fast, open brushstrokes, and calling it “unfinished” (Stokstad 987). However, this was the intention of Impression: Sunrise and that of his future paintings as well.

Berthe Morisot, another prominent impressionist painter, concentrated on the depiction of women’s lives because unlike her male counterparts, she stayed close to home and painted real life moments. Many women would stroll, picnic and even paint in these secluded areas. Whereas male artists would set up their easels on city streets, she would take comfort in the
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