A Growing Nation Essay

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A Growing Nation At the turn of the century many things were happening that would affect America in ways that would have never been expected. The 1900-1940 era would have truly been an exciting time to live in. Over these four decades Americans would face some of the most difficult, and demanding trials in America's history. These decades helped to firmly establish the American identity and without them America would be vastly different. When looking at how these four decades helped to establish the American identity one must look at the events, and the economy. The first year of the sparkling new decade would turn out to be a sad one for most Americans because on Sept. 6,1901, an anarchist, Leon Czolgosz, shot president…show more content…
These companies would operate monopolies that controlled every aspect of there industry. Some examples of this would be the Norther Securities Company, and the Knickerbocker Trust Company. These companies were huge and very powerful, and was Americans were sick of being controlled by the big companies. Thus Trust era came to and end and the formation of Unions became a vital part of the American economy(Collins, Alan ) Some of the interesting events that occurred during this decade were things such as the wright brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk North Carolina; The first rapid transit system, the New Your City subway system, opens.( Johnson, Deb ); The infamous San Francisco earthquake and fire occurs.( Collins, Alan ); The invention of the automobile. These along with many other events would once more help America shape its identity. The Next Decade of the 20th century held many things in store for the American people. The economy and events that took place during this time will never be forgotten by anyone in America. The economy of this decade was once again a shaky one. America was dealing with the fact that times and the economy were growing faster than they could keep up with. One of the key factors that spurred the economy was the Ford Motor Company. In 1914 Henry Ford startled the country by instituting the then high base-wage scale of $5 a day.( Grolier )
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