A Growth Of Human Rights Violations

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In Northern Uganda there has been a growth of Human Rights violations for the last thirty years due to power of Joseph Kony and the LRA. The Lord 's Resistance Army started when Joseph Kony took over the Holy Spirit Movement, and founded the LRA. The LRA is an army focused on overthrowing the Ugandan government and replacing it with a government rule using the 10 commandments. The LRA has committed constant Human Rights on the citizens of Uganda over the last thirty years. The LRA has kidnapped over 25 thousand children (boys and girls) and forced them to join the LRA. The LRA has been known to ruthlessly destroy villages, to kill the old, and kidnap the young, only to later force the kidnappees to murder or torture their parents and siblings, just to assert power and dominance. The LRA which started as movement founded by Kony to prevent injustice and oppression from the Ugandan government has become an irrational and ruthless army that will stop at nothing to overthrow the government, constantly violating human rights along the way. The LRA was founded when Joseph Kony took control of the Holy Spirit Movement in the early 1980’s, hoping to take over Northern Uganda and rule it under a government that favored the people. The Holy Spirit Movement was originally ran by Alice Lakwena who claimed the Holy Spirit had ordered her to overthrow the Ugandan Government, because the government was not treating the Acholi(people of the north) fairly. The movement gained popularity

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