A Guide For How Refugee Protection System

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Many countries, Australia included, face the dilemma of balancing doing what is best for their citizens and also helping people from other countries looking to resettle as refugees. In times of unrest and unsafety in their homelands, people often look to immigrate elsewhere for protection. Australia is a large, wealthy country in comparison to many of the other places surrounding it, and therefore many refugees look to Australia for help in times of need. In order to have a structure for the large number of asylum seekers, the Australian government implemented a Refugee Policy in the 1970s. Over time this policy has undergone many changes and caused some controversy, but it continues to act as a guide for how refugee protection system works in Australia and proves its relevance in today’s current events. Australia began seeing a large number of refugees coming over for help around the end of World War II and realized a system was needed to keep track of these new immigrants. Over 170,000 people migrated to Australia after being displaced from the war, many of these people originating from Poland. In response, Australia created the Department of Immigration in 1945 to help organize the process better. By 1977, the government decided a policy was necessary to create a protocol for refugees entering Australia and on 24 May 1977, Malcolm Fraser and the Coalition Government drafted the first formal policy regarding refugees and immigration. The timing of the policy was crucial
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