A Guide On Rejecting Unwanted Attention

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A Guide on Rejecting Unwanted Attention
This is based on an actual conversation I just had last week. Interestingly, these conversations are not uncommon at all. I’ve had similar conversations at orientation week with other girls when I barely knew them, but also constantly with my best friends. The most common trend is that girls are simply being “nice” but it gets mistaken as “interest,” then the girls worry about how to reject his advances while still wanting to be “nice” about it. When the rejection is finally clear enough, the guys complain about how the girls “led them on.” The degree to which this is a shared experience makes a pretty solid statement about why it is a topic of extreme importance and relevance.
10 Tips on How to Reject His Advances
1. It is not your fault.
2. It is not your fault.
3. It is not your fault, no. You did NOT do anything wrong. You were NOT being flirtatious. You were NOT leading him on. All you have done is be nice, be friendly. It is HIS fault for taking that as signs of you being “interested.” The guy-translator works in ridiculous ways we will never understand: “Nice to meet you!” into “Omg you are so hot I am totally into you” and “How was your summer?” into “I want to have sex with you so badly.”
4. Yes, I know it is hard. It is hard because there is no “right thing to do” in the situation. “Oppression is a room full of wrong answers.” I know. You want to be nice, but being nice seems to attract unwanted attraction. I know you just
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