A Handbook to Simplify Ethical and Moral Leadership Essay examples

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Introduction: Having been chosen as a new leader in our organization, you have already demonstrated your abilities and expertise to guide and enhance the successful outcomes of a business. Leadership behavior is not only based on knowledge and expertise, it is an expectation that leaders understand the vision and core values that guide moral and ethical leadership at all times. Although morals and ethics are synonymous for the most part, the terms are distinguishable. Simply put, ethics is determinant of acceptable guidelines for behavior of a group or organization while morals exude individual beliefs of right and wrong derived from personal values (DuBrin, 2010). Guiding Leadership Principles – As a manager, it is customary that…show more content…
You may have researched the ethical standards and practices of the company before making a decision to embark on a career with us. If you have, you have reinforced our great decision by hiring good people that will abide by our cultural values. Ethical culture may be viewed as the character or decision making process and a component of corporate culture that captures the rules and principles that are deemed appropriate conduct within that organization (Ferrell, Fraedrick, & Ferrell, 2009). The intent is for you to not only help your team in making sound decisions, but act in accordance with the organization’s values and beliefs that follow the law. These moral and ethical decisions should follow the guiding principles for avoiding conflicts of interest, respecting company property and assets, honoring privacy, vendor relations, promoting respectful behavior, and giving back to the community. Part of being an ethical leader is addressing mistakes that do happen through accountability which in turn enhances the respect of not only the company but that of all stakeholders and the community. A code of ethics enhances a code of conduct and compliance. Compliance addresses what employees and companies must do while ethics deals with what should be done. Our organization benefits from doing what is right, pleasing not just customer, rather all in the supply chain. Clearly this is beneficial from a competitor standpoint as well. It is important to be a good business

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