A Head Mounted Pointer for Physically Challenged Users

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Abstract This is research paper on a head mounted pointer for physically challenged users. The paper describes the device. It reveals details such as how the physically challenged people use it. The paper also describes how it is connected to the computer, how much it costs and where it can be bought. Topic Statement The introduction of the head mounted pointer has greatly enhanced computer usage among the physically challenged persons especially those with motor challenges. Introduction For most people, the computer has been a major milestone enabling them to perform numerous tasks that traditionally would be impossible to carry out. However, many physically challenged persons have been sidelined falling victims of the digital divide, especially those without or with hand impairments. According to Grigori and Tatiana, development of alternative devices helps them operate computers, these include foot mouse, head mounted pointers, and chin mounted joysticks among others. The head mounted pointer is a valuable device that can help the disabled while interacting with Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pointers interfaces (WIMP). This gadget works as a computer mouse for people with limited use of their hands while maintaining the ease of its use. Furthermore, it can be mounted in various positions with ease. Head Mounted Pointer The head mounted pointer is also called a head mouse or a head operated joystick. Persons with motor challenges mostly use it; those who cannot move

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