A Head Start Preschool Room

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On September 26, I observed in a Head Start Preschool Room at sheldon Preschool, there were 17 children total, 10 girls and 7 boys and the age range was 3 and 4 year olds, within this classroom there was 1 Head teacher, 1 Assistant teacher and 2 interventionist. When you walked into the room there was an open space where the 3 tables were and then toward the back of the room there was a carpet area, block area, housekeeping area, puzzle area, and computer area. There are many materials within the small area, the room seemed crowded and congested. The emotional state seems to have tension, the teacher is a first year teacher, therefor, she is very up tight, and emotional, which this makes her class the same way, which in turn the children are very excitable and emotional. There are many materials within the small area, it is a topical head start room with everything they are to have to make the room complete. The strategies employed by adults within the classroom, they tried to implement the conscious discipline strategies but not always successful and not sure what to do after the strategies failed. The blank look around the room and now what look, was occurring many times throughout the time I was there. While I was in the classroom I watched circle, which was very disorganized and the children were yelling out loud and the assist teacher was just sitting there, very little classroom management and very little got done. One student in particular was just crawling around
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