A Health Care Delivery System

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Analysis of Able 2: A Health Care Delivery System Able 2 is a non-profit organization aiming to support, advocate, and provide services to disabled persons. What was once a small, parent-led association for children with cerebral palsy, is now a much larger agency that delivers assistance, housing, and many other services to the developmentally disabled community and their families in the rural areas of upstate New York. Applying the Roemer Model to Able 2’s health care system gives a meaningful understanding of its organization, and recommendations for its improvement can be made. Organizational Structure There are certain influences that encourage the development of a health care delivery system. As Roemer (1991) indicated, the organization of a health care facility depends on the health needs of a society. The simple definition of organization is the association, business, or club that is formed for a particular purpose with a set of objectives and goals (Organization, n.d.). According to Roemer, “the ultimate objective of an organization in a health system is to promote or protect peoples’ health…” (p. 49). The powerful influence over the development of Able 2 was from a group of parents who had children with cerebral palsy. Together, they assessed the need for the community to offer services to their developmentally disabled children. Because adequate services were lacking at the time, in 1949 those parents formed what was then called the Cerebral Palsy and
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