A Health Care Emergency Essay

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In the recent years, health care has become a gradually uprising issue in America. America’s government health care plans, Medicare and Medicaid, are being criticized as horrible and expensive when compared to health care plans in other countries. Thus, our current president, President Obama, is relentlessly trying to repair the plans to conform to the wishes of the nation in which he leads.
First off, Medicare and Medicaid are somewhat similar, but have a few, slight differences. Both Medicaid and Medicare were founded in 1965 as a part of the Social Security Act Amendment. Medicaid provides care to those who have the inability to pay for their own medical insurance, which include: “low-income people, children, the disabled, the
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Well, I guess that’s better than paying for the full $15,000, but $3,000 is still quite expensive for having been a fraction of the bill.
Medicare also does not cover plenty of things that probably should be, such as routine checkups, most immunization shots, and prescription drugs (www.calregistry.com). These three things should obviously be covered with any health care plan, but, for some reason, aren’t covered in Medicare. Medicaid is just as bad; it does not provide care for even the most poorest of citizens (ucanhealth.com). Such expensive costs for so little benefits; is that really supposed to satisfy Americans need for health coverage? Healthcare should be able to be afforded by everybody, no matter how poor or old. However, most cannot because there are so many things that should be covered that aren’t by Medicare and Medicaid. Medical expenses that are more costly than $5,000, which is more common than not, can easily bankrupt those who are having monetary issues. America is known to have the worst health care of all rich countries (www.huppi.com). “A woman had received breast cancer and attempted to report the illness, but was denied because she had not filed a case of acne. By the time her report came through, her breast cancer had doubled” (Barack Obama). Other countries’ health care plans, such as Taiwan and Japan, are not only easily affordable by all, but also provide many services and benefits. Japan holds over 130 million people, all of whom
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