A Healthy And Balanced Diet Of Hershey 's Chocolate Syrup

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I don’t eat a very healthy and balanced diet, but I know that I should. For this assignment I took it as a chance to try and find some things to replace my normal unhealthy foods. Some of the foods that I like wouldn’t be able to find a healthy form. Some of the foods that I do like to eat do have healthy forms and I doubt I start purchasing them right now because they are much more expensive than in their normal form. I’m know other people like these same foods and need to live more healthy just like I do, but now I can tell them there are other more healthy forms of the foods that we like.

The first item that I found was something that everyone has had at least once in their lives, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. Hershey’s has now developed a low calorie, sugar free version of their famous syrup, but they didn’t even stop there. They took it even farther and fortified their syrup with vitamins and minerals as well. Their normal chocolate syrup has high fructose corn syrup along with just plain corn syrup, but the new sugar free syrup is made from water and cocoa instead. This product is targeting consumers that are trying to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet, or parents trying to reduce the sugar that their children are eating. Price wise the fortified chocolate syrup is more expensive that the regular and runs $2.98 per 17.5 oz. bottle and the regular is $2.28 per 24 oz. bottle.

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