A Healthy And Strong Toolbox Of Coping Strategies Essay

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Another main goal would be to develop a healthy and strong toolbox of coping strategies for when I am finding myself in times of irrational thinking, depression, or any other pattern of thinking or behavior that prevents me from living life to the fullest. I think this goal would take precedence in the counseling sessions and eventually works it’s way into homework from the counselor. CBT does focus on trying to change behavior, so changing my behavior associated with different moments in my life would be useful. I do find that when I start to spiral in these behaviors an thoughts, I think to myself that I am not doing an good like this and that I need to figure out some way to deal with what I am feeling or thinking. CBT would give me the tools and strategies to be able to do just that. In turn, having coping mechanisms for when I am impatient or stressed would help me maintain a more relaxed and fulfilled life. Techniques. I learn best by having tangible and concrete experiences to use as examples. Therefore, I think that the techniques associated with CBT would be quite impactful because a majority of them are centered around psychoeducation and kinesthetic interventions. A very uncomfortable yet useful technique would be Stress Inoculation Training in which I would be exposed to dealing with mild stress and once finding success with that then working my way up to becoming successful in dealing with more moderate levels of stress. Right now, when I feel too stressed out
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