A Heartbreaking Discovery Of Being A Homeless Dog

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A Heartbreaking Discovery
There are things in life that we all take for granted. But, the truth is many of us have quite a bit to be thankful for. Take our bed, for example. Every night, we snuggle up under the covers without even thinking twice about those who don 't have a bed to enjoy.
Oftentimes, our pets also share our bed with us. But, what happens when we experience a bed for the very first time? What if your pet had never been on a bed before? What do you think would happen? After 7 years of being a homeless dog, Millie is rescued and finally gets to experience a bed for the first time. Check out her amazing reaction in this video. Strong as a Rock
One thing we know about Dwayne Johnson is that he is a tough guy. I mean, the guy 's nickname is "The Rock", after all. We know him best for all his fabulous action movies that keep us on the edge of our seats. From these movies, it 's easy to assume that he has always had this strong mentality, but this is not the case.
Johnson actually grew up in very poor circumstances. His parents lived paycheck to paycheck and the family had very little going for them. When in this type of situation, it 's easy to become discouraged and many have the tendency to give up. Unfortunately, this is exactly what his mother did when she attempted suicide. But, on this terrible day in his life, Johnson learned just how precious life really was, and it changed him forever. The Lord 's Prayer
The Lord 's Prayer is a common prayer for people

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