A Helpful Guide for Writers

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A Helpful Guide for Writers Understanding the Assignment To fully understand your writing project, there are questions you should ask yourself when receiving it from the teacher. First, you should know when the assignment is due? What form is it due in? What the type of assignment it is? What are the goals and purpose in undertaking this assignment? Finally, how will your assignment be evaluated? Overview of Academic Essay- Thesis, Argument, and Counterargument The goal of an academic essay is to persuade the readers of an idea based on evidence. Make the best possible case for an original idea after doing extensive research. The thesis is the main point of the writing. The next step is the argument. This should give tension and…show more content…
Letting your mind rest will help you revise in a more effective way. When you revise, you are looking at something again with a new prospective. You should review your paper on the different points that you are trying to make. Revising allows you to reorganize your paper if need be. It doesn't mean you need to rewrite your paper, but rather make your points more forceful. Editing To start editing your paper, begin by running a spell and grammar checker. You should make the changes and corrections as you go. Printing your essay to edit is easier than try to make corrections on the computer. Read your thesis of the essay and make sure it is supported by the proper facts. Make sure you have the right amount of words requested by the teacher. For better effect, read your paper out loud. It is easier to hear punctuation mistakes sometimes when you hear the words. You should have someone else read the essay if possible to check for errors. Finally, after all of your editing, do another spell check. Tips on Punctuation, Grammar, and Style When checking your punctuation, read the essay out loud. While reading, if you have a short pause you should use a comma. If you pause for a longer period you should use a semi-colon. When using abbreviations, you should name what they stand for. When you are referring to a person, never use “that” in the sentence. Never underline and italicize the same word. Doing both these actions
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