A Helping Field : What It Makes A Difference?

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A Helping Field: What it Takes to Make a Difference In this day and age, why would anyone choose to work in a helping field? With life in a culture that is rich in technology, social media, and text messaging; yet lacking in direct interpersonal relationships being self-absorbed becomes likely. How easy it can be to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of existence and drift into egocentrism, and lose sight of what is supposed to make this country rare and spectacular, common goodness and humanity. Every day in America intensive suffering takes place; children go hungry; spouses and the elderly are abused; addiction rates soar and continue to kill unsparingly; prejudice continues to run rampant preventing many individuals from gaining employment and countless other services which they deserve; society belittles and neglects the disabled. Yet, not many take the time to notice the injustices encountered habitually in a nation that is renowned for liberty and democracy. One might contend that few at all would ever embark on the long road of gaining employment in the social sciences, unless they themselves had exposure to the substantial rewards that can be reaped through counseling and other adaptations of psychology.
Social Work Introduction One preferred avenue of approach for those seeking to make a difference in the field of public service is social work. The job description for a social worker includes working with a diverse demographic in terms of population;…
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