A Hero As A Hero

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Imagine if you were in a world without heroes that are brave, hardworking and show self-sacrifice. It would be a total nightmare if everything will be disorganized. If a hero shows they are brave they will be respected and everyone will look up to them as a role model. For example, people that are veterans, policemen, and firefighters show us the US citizens every day that they will fight in a war to save our country no matter what it takes. For a hero to show self-sacrifice they put other people first in a life treating citation. For instance, a criminal comes into a store an older man immediately goes in front of a little girl by herself. Hero won’t think he will just do it even if it puts his life in danger. Lastly, a hero is someone who is hard working. Say a person does not get the job they want, they never give up and stick to it and work hard. A hero may make some mistakes along the way but they remain brave show self-sacrifice and work hard.
A hero is someone who is very brave. For instance, a person who is brave enough to speak their mind about controversial issues is a hero. For example, Martin Luther King, Jr. stood up for all the colored people who did not have a voice. He was aware of the possible consequences of his actions, which included putting himself in danger; however, he still stood up for what he believed in. He was a hero because he bravely sacrificed himself to help others have equal rights in America. When a person does good things for someone else in need they are showing they like to help others. When people help others in need that makes them a good person and you never know who what will happen if you help that person. In the end, a hero is a role model to people all over the world who want to be like him.
An excellent example of a hero is Pfc. Tristan Segers. In the article “Soldier home After losing his leg in Afghanistan” Tristan Segers keeps going with his life not feeling bad about his leg. “I just told all the doctors that I didn’t want my life to be different than it was before (Fiege 68). ” Even though Tristan was knocked down, he got right back up and stayed strong. A hero is also someone who inspires people to do good on their part. In this case, Tristan has a lot of

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