A Hero Essay : Was Odysseus A Hero?

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“Was Odysseus a Hero?” Many people think of a hero as a person that is admired in so many ways. Some people thought Odysseus was a hero and some did not. He done so many things good and bad on all of the adventures he went on. Odysseus is a hero in some ways to his men but he is not always a hero to his men and wife. Here are ways that he is a hero and he is not a hero. He was a hero because he always cared about his wife. He was very loyal to her. He was very caring for her and he always checked on her no matter what. Odysseus did not want anyone hurting or doing anything to his wife. When someone hurt or done something to his wife, he was a very mad person. He would protect her no matter what was happening. Odysseus loved his wife but he did not always show it. Another reason why Odysseus was a hero is because he tried to protect his men as much as possible. The men that he had would not listen all the time so he tried to do what was best for them. Sometimes, both the men and Odysseus would get in trouble for doing something they were not supposed to do but Odysseus tried to get them out of the place as fast as he could. Odysseus is a very protective person and he does not want anyone with him to get hurt. If they do, he tries to help them so they will get better as soon as possible. You can tell he is caring about his men and his wife the most throughout the whole story. One other reason why Odysseus is a hero is because he has been to so many islands and helped

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