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A Hero What is a hero? Is it a rock star or an athlete? A famous speaker or activist? Or is it someone so ordinary that does extraordinary things? A hero can be someone who loves and cares for you, or someone you look up to. Someone that risks their life for others is definitely a hero, that someone is Oskar Schindler. Oskar is a hero to over 6,000 Jews currently living across the United States and Europe. Schindler was an normal man with an unreal power that he used to save 1200 human lives during the Holocaust of World War II. What was his motivation for saving so many Jews? More …show more content…
What would posses someone to use their power and money by risking their own life? How did he do it? It wasn’t easy.

Schindler started saving Jews in 1939, when he came to Krakow during the German invasion. Looking for his own power in Krakow he opened up a small enamel shop near the Jewish ghetto. He employed mainly Jewish workers, which saved them from being deported to Labour camps. In 1942 Schindler found out through some of his workers that many of the local Jews were being sent to the brutal Plazow labour camp. Schindler had connections with the German government, which came in handy. He convinced the S.S. and the Armaments Administration to let Schindler set up a portion of the camp in his factory. He then took the unfit and unqualified for work, which spared 900 Jewish lives.

In October of 1944 he approached the Russian army to receive permission to re-establish his once defunct business as an armament production company in Bruunlitz. After negotiating with S.S. officials Schindler was allowed to take some Jews with him. He took 700 Jews from the Grossrosen camp, and 300 women from Auschwitz. These workers were given the best food, clothing, shelter and medical care that Schindler could afford. He then heard that a train of evacuated Jews from the Golezow camp were stranded nearby. Schindler once again pulled some

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