A Hero's Journey Milly

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Days of Adventure

Half past ten. Half past eleven. Midnight. Half past one. Afternoon, but there was no sight of Milly. The

police squad had already come and gone. They had taken all important notes which Bex, Milly's mom

"Millicent, Millicent Midlondon but we called her Milly at home."

"Oh! That poor darling was just ten. She.....she has never stepped a foot out of home alone and yet

when yesterday she told me that she was going to Jess, her buddy whose house is right around the end

of the second lane's third block and she did not need supervision, we could not resist....." Bex broke out.

''We did not lead the way to Milly. Instead we were home doing the regular chores. She had left the

house at around half past six but.....but
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Meanwhile, Millicent had lost her way to her friend's abode and right now was roaming somewhere

near the outskirts of New Jersey with nothing except a bag with a few pounds, a phone without battery

and a diary with a pen. At quarter to seven in the evening she stationed herself near a pavement and

asked a rag picker if she could spend a night in their tent. The rag picker agreed. Milly, though she had

got a night shelter, she did not feel sleepy. Instead she took out her diary and wrote in it.

19.10.2014 : On the pavement of some street in Jersey. Scared, but also thrilled. Who would

imagine me, child of such caring mom and dad to be lost? In the tent of a kind rag picker.

Feeling bored so deciding to play a game with her family. Which one will they like the best? Will

After writing her diary, Milly did a bonfire dance, played tag and ate a healthy supper. She lay down in

her share of the tent, exhausted, wondering how dangerous yet fun and glorious was the life of people

Milly woke up at what seemed to be six in the morning. She did not even have a watch! She
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