A Hero's Journey To Find A Treasure

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Once upon time there was four kids in the woods. Those kids where in journey to find a treasure chest. The treasure chest in had a lot of good treasure. But before they get there the have trek before getting to the indusrtiou. So the rest of the kids was very infuriate at him. But they had to estimate the miles that they had to hike which was a hundred miles. So they had to bring food,water and a sleeping bag. So they can get to the hundred miles. But on of them brought irrelevant. So everyone was laughing at him because he bring a water gun with him. The precise items they can bring so it wouldn't be too heavy. after they where done packing they start there journey to the treasure chest. So they walk and walk then they saw that it was getting dark. So they took out there sleeping bag and sleeping bag a sleep.…show more content…
Then they took a break to have a snack. But before the got to eat one of the kids. Witch was leader authority to keep walking. But everyone was impartial with that idea. Senes everyone impartial they ate a snack first and walk after words. Then one of them spoted the treasure chest so they ran to the treasure and opened it they saw millions of dollars. So they brought it home and show it to there family. Then the next day the whole town hear about it. Then the government hear about it and evict. But they had no right so they gave it back. Then poeple hear about what they did so the government got abate because of what they did. So once they got there treasure back they share it with the town. Then the town build the a statue to acknowledge and they were very thankful. But all this dream was all just sham. But the dream was so interesting she made it to a book. But they need agent so she can publish a
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