A Hidden Risk

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A Hidden Risk An individual slowly, painfully, and agonizingly wanders into the emergency room. They complain of having a fever, vomiting profusely, and are experiencing a severe headache. The physician notices in the patient history that this individual recently went on an excursion to the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. The physician inquires with the patient about their recent trip and the patient excitedly, but wearily, tells the doctor all about the African safari. The individual also informed the doctor that they arrived home just a few days ago and recalled coming across several dead fruit bats and even a large dead gorilla; in which he got close enough to take a picture with, similar to as if he was claiming it for a prize. With this information, the physician immediately sends the patient to the laboratory to have their blood drawn, mentioning in the order to handle the patient and the specimen with utmost care and caution. It is crucial for healthcare workers, especially phlebotomists, to practice proper standard precautions to prevent the spread of contagions and blood borne pathogens. The patient mentioned above would be a prime example for why such measures are taken and why the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has implemented particular protections. Every day phlebotomists are exposed to various infections, therefore, it is crucial that their daily practice concerning universal precautions does not fail; the consequences could be deadly
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