A Hierarchical Model of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation (Hmiem) for Sport

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A Hierarchical Model of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation (HMIEM) for Sport SUMMARY OF THE SESSION: This session (on 29th January, 2009) was primarily focused on understanding how motivation and self-confidence are instrumental in the acquisition and maintenance of expert performance. The session started with definition of motivation as given by Sage (1977), followed by the explanation for different types of motivation and three determinant factors of motivation. It further continued with providing an in-depth understanding of achievement motivation and competitiveness clarifying the definitions by Gill (1983) and Martens (1976), followed by clear understanding of the three main theorie, namely The Need Achievement Theory…show more content…
PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS OF HMIEM: Sport and physical activity represent formidable opportunities not only to preserve, but also to enhance, the psychological welfare of participants. The HMIEM lends itself to a number of practical implications…  Situational factors promoting participants' needs are important as they lead to positive motivational effects at the situational level, as well as to more enduring effects that occur through a recursive process. Practitioners involved in motivating people therefore need to provide daily practices that enhance the needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness. For example, a sport trainer might ask athletes to warm up using a varied set of drills and practices and present these in a fashion that appeals in their goals, such as preparing themselves for effortful performance in the upcoming practice and avoiding injury.  Contextual factors promoting the participants' needs should be put in place to ensure stability in the positive motivational impact on participants' motivation and outcomes. This means that practitioners are responsible for providing practices and drills that pervade across various situations within sport. For example, physical education teachers can foster the need to set intrinsic goals based on effort by using a questioning approach to help pupils establish what

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