A High Wind in Jamaica

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A Series of Unfortunate Events: A High Wind in Jamaica In most of their literary works, a significant percentage of novelists aim at presenting to the reader important information in the most effective ways. To attain this, they explore a host of literary devices and develop their plots with utmost coherence. The ideas that they present are in most instances reflective of the social and economic scenarios that are apparent in their respective settings. Just like other renowned novelists, Richard Hughes has explored various themes in his literary works. Among these are the aspects of morality and survival that he has explores at length. Notably, the manner in which his characters face their challenges offers useful insights regarding…show more content…
In this respect, Harold argues that the very capture by pirates is both physically and emotionally tormenting (24). From a psychological point of view, persons who undergo such experiences tend to suffer immense psychological problems. This is because their safety is always at stake. This can be used to explain why they experience post-traumatic stress disorder after the experiences. In most cases, they seek medical counseling services that enable them to appreciate their experiences and live normal lives. Although the captain of the ship transporting wild animals tried to communicate with Emily to free him, relative efforts were unsuccessful. Arguably, the efforts to communicate to Emily were aimed at safeguarding his survival. The fifth unfortunate event involves the death of the Dutch captain. In this scenario, Hughes successfully exhibits two distinct survival techniques that were assumed by each character. After the Dutch captain had done all he could to communicate to Emily without success, he saw a knife and tried to reach for this. Emily becomes terrified and screams. Unfortunately, nobody hears the screams. Logically, the screams were aimed at drawing the attention of the rest of the group who would probably rescue her (Harold 24). By injuring Emily, the Dutch captain was trying to secure his wellbeing. Nonetheless, his efforts were fruitless as Emily managed to stab him severally before he could achieve his goal. The crews mistake the murderer
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