A Higher Power

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A Higher Power Heads rise in sync. A dismissal prayer releases its captors from a world unlike their own: a world of assurance and self-devotion that is frequently visited to escape the troubles that haunt the lives of each and every person. Family and friends greet each other. One by one, each person steps outside, each feeling spiritually rejuvenated and prepared to face the day. Regardless of the specific belief, there is no question that faith in a religion or a higher power is the very foundation inspires a great majority of society. It is the force that urges humans to fight on through their routinely dismal lives and the force that motivates hard workers to continue their path to eventual prosperity. Considering the magnitude of the term “a higher power”, it is no surprise that along with the inspiration and everyday propulsion that accompanies it, there also comes a large grey area of deviation. Among the most common sources of discrepancy is the question of who exactly the higher power is that so massively affects the lives of so many people and whether or not they actually exist. As the debate between the existent and the nonexistent recycles itself without end, a very conceivable notion of revolution and compromise is entirely ignored. Perhaps the dispute should reflect upon not the existence of who, but what the higher power is that guides such a spiritual populace. Since the beginning of human history, mankind has found great assurance in the idea that
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