A Historical Event Involving An Ethical Challenge Essay

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Introduction War has always been a terrible affair between societies. It can bring out the very best and the very worse in human beings. Whether it brings out the best or the worse in an individual soldier depends greatly on how their leaders or their society conditioned them beforehand. This has inspired the U.S. Army to emphasize character development prior to a unit’s deployment as a means of preparing soldiers for ethical challenges and to ensure that those soldiers demonstrate behaviors that align with the U.S. Army’s organizational values. This paper will explore the importance of ethical leadership, examine a historical event involving an ethical challenge, and discuss character development methods that prepare soldiers to address future ethical challenges with character, integrity, and distinction.
Ethical Leadership A personal definition of ethical leadership is “deliberate behavior that is consistent with organizational values and expectations, which in turn builds trust and maintains a leader’s moral authority to hold the organization or individual followers accountable.” Although morality and ethics are different, they are closely connected. A dictionary definition for moral authority is, “trustworthiness to make decisions that are right and good” (Moral authority, 2016). One can expect a workforce or unit that perceives their leader to retain moral authority will respect that leader’s decisions and demands because of an alignment of values. Whereas ethics
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