A Historical Look At The Concept Of Juvenile Justice

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1. Chapter 13 is a historical look at the concept of juvenile justice. What did you learn from reading this chapter?

At the beginning of the nineteenth century delinquent, neglected, and runaway children in the United States were left with very little guidance and help from the government and the court system. Unlike today there was no voice for those kids who were neglected and left to find there own ways of survival which most likely ment that they would have to turn to crime to survive. If that wasn’t bad enough if these delquient kids were caught there was no sympathy and they were given punishments to the same extent as adults. Rapid growth of urban areas left more kids at risk, which scared the upper classes of society, that lead to some of the first programs to help children. After making it a know problem the government and the courts stepped in to bring funding and justice for the youth giving them a fair chance of survival. In todays society we have many programs and system to help the kids of today and prevent them from going down the wrong path. Juveniles had no chance of bettering themselves in the nineteenth century if they were not from affluent families who could afford to give them the proper guidance. If a child committed a crime he or she was treated like an adult and would be prosecuted to the full extent. Children are to immature to understand what they did wrong and instead of learning from the mistake they were sent to jail or prison with adults…
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