A Historical Survey Of Architecture And Urbanism

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A Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism: from Antiquity to the Middle Ages
The Houses of Roman Italy
This paper evaluates the design and structures of the Roman houses since the antiquity era to the Middle Ages. The paper digs deep into the houses that the Romans built and compares several factors that give relative argument base for the entire paper. It is outlined that most Roman houses were built in respect to the wealth and influence of individuals within the society. This analysis gives all the facts related to the above topic and tries to undercover the reason as to why class was a consistent factor within the society. It can be argued that the design and structures of the Roman houses were proposed in respect to the wealth and position of an individual in the society (Macdonald, 1007). There was no specific that was to be followed when coming up with different designs. Some of the most prestigious houses within the community were inhabited by the wealthy persons. This identity was used to weigh individual; performance in both the local and external performances. The paper also introduces the destinations and locations that most of these Roman houses were built. It presents a chronological argument on why the Roman houses existed like this all through. Thesis statement; most of the Roman houses were built in respect to the class and identity of an individual within the society. This paper seeks to establish the depth of the above argument…
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