A History Of Race Relations

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A History of Race Relations in the United States Navy
Eric Tavares
University of Northern Colorado

Race relations in the United States Navy have had a long and rocky history. Although there is no denying progress has been made, especially in today’s Navy, it wasn’t always the case. Black sailors have honorably served in the American Revolution, however records by race weren’t then, and they continued to serve in the Navy up to this very day. (Williams, 2001) Since the American Revolution though, they have suffered from bigotry, segregation and outright racism from their white counterparts as well. This research paper is going to give a brief history of racism that black sailors suffered from the American Revolution to World War 2; however, the main focus is on the Vietnam era because after that tumultuous time period, that’s when the Navy changed its course for the better when it came to race relations.

As a 10 year veteran of the United States Navy, this topic is important to the author because it shows how race relations in the Navy weren’t always peaches and roses. It is believed that in order to improve race relations in the future, you should study the past and that’s exactly what this research is going to do. As a naval veteran, this author has experienced the results from the racial strife that this research paper is going to examine. Such results were yearly required diversity and participating in racial…

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