A History Of Small Things By Siobhan Nelson

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In the chapter entitled “a history of small things,” Siobhan Nelson assesses the historical path of nursing itself. The affiliation the profession has had in terms of historical discourse is furthermore contemplated. The interpretation of our past is important to consider, as it can shed light on important components of our history. However, it is evident that keeping to the truth is not as simplistic as it may first appear. Focusing on the smaller aspects of our history, rather than getting encumbered by the bigger picture can create a better insight into our polygonal and extensive history. Within this critical summary, the overall concepts of analysis, theoretical concepts and how these relate to academic experience. The concept of…show more content…
Nelson inquiries of the concept of history and states that it is never as simplistic as it may appear. The discussion of a “good history” (p. 212) is discussed. When a profession correlates to this type of affirmative history, this alters the method that it is viewed in. History can be quite convoluted, it pushes forward the inevitabilities of the modern day and the inferred perceptions that are entrenched in the past. History purpose has often been adjusted and has functioned to aid in such feats as propaganda, and insurrection. The history of nursing was written by those within the nursing profession and as well as those who were not a part of the profession. This has resulted in a rather intriguing insight into the profession of nurses. The history of nursing is entrenched in the history of women, science and many other aspects that create an intriguing past to consider. The method that nursing has been portrayed, however is one of an evolution towards enlightenment the concept of moving from a dark era to light, a growth leading to improved knowledge and understanding. Therefore, this evolution that has presented within healthcare has created “nursing’s own grand narrative” (p. 212). The narrative of nursing history heavily influences what is understood about nursing in the present day. When the education of nursing relocated from the hospital to the universities, this induced a

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