A History Of The Gilpin Family

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A history of the Gilpin Family in America From 1685 to 1810 (Change title) The Gilpin family, have been an integral part of American History since their arrival in 1695. The family, who arrived, as part of an initial large wave of Quakers in America, carved out a place in American, more specifically Quaker History. Coming to America, at the invitation of William Penn, and deeply embroiled in significant events in American History, the Gilpin 's were early founders of Pennsylvania. Their Quaker background proved to be of primary importance in precisely how the family participated in important events, like the American Revolution. From their peaceful relations with Indians to their involvement in the American Revolution, their pacifist belief system influenced their action. However, not all members of the Gilpin family remained pacifists. While one member Thomas Gilpin held fast to his Quaker beliefs during the American Revolution, another, Colonel George Gilpin, Became a close confidant of George Washington eventually serving as Pallbearer at Washington 's funeral. . The Quakers were different from many of the settlers of other early American colonies. The Quakers, also known as the Society of Friends, were built upon ideals of pacifism and benevolence. They did not come here as traders or merchants. The Quakers came here for religious freedom, as did many others. However, Quakers, who had experienced persecution in other colonies like…

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