A History of AIDS and the Foundation that is Promoting Abstinence from AIDS in New Jersey

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In this wonderful world that we subsist in it has its fluctuating limits where in life an individual can have successes and fame to being unsuccessful. Life is precious, the way one can conserve it and their health is performing certain procedures that help maintain and sustain the human body. In addition, there are different elements that occur to impair a person’s health like physical and mental disorders, bacterial infections, and viral infections. These illnesses can cause minor to major fragments in a person’s life. A key virus that dumbfounds scientist and doctors till this day is the word “HIV”.
This virus attacks the immune system, which is the body’s major component of defense against infections and disease. The reason why
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During the timeline of aids, studies show that the virus probably transferred to humans in Africa between 1884 and 1924 (Anabel Kanabus, 2009). There were signs of it spreading through Haiti in 1966; estimations of this virus entering the United States are in the 1970. African doctors see a rise in opportunistic infections; this means that it takes advantage of the opportunity offered by a weakened immune system. Western scientists and doctors remain ignorant of the growing epidemic; this is what caused HIV to spread and kill innocent lives. The first case of aids found was through gay men, following by drug users injecting themselves not using a clean sterilized needle. In 1982, aids were reported in several European countries, the name “AIDS” (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), is created. In 1983, AIDS is reported among non-drug using women and children, Experts become more confident that the cause of AIDS is infectious.
Consequently, three thousand AIDS cases have been reported in the USA; one thousand have died. At last in 1984, Scientists identify HIV (initially called HTLV-III or LAV) as the cause of AIDS, western scientists become aware that AIDS is widespread in parts of Africa. More than 38,000 cases of AIDS have been reported from 85 countries. The first drug was named “AZT”, which was approved for treating AIDS. Clearly, once the scientist realized that

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