Essay about A History of Violence

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A History of Violence
As Reviewed by Nathan The horror on the screen was only matched by the horrifying look on my fellow movie goers' faces. While I am not familiar with David Cronenberg's work watching this one film quickly acclimated me to his extreme methods of capturing reality. Many of the images projected on the screen evoked such a visceral reaction that the emotions of the characters seemed to live vicariously through the audience. What this movie lacked in plot it more than made up for in character development and excellent cinematography. A seemingly quaint story about a small business owner from Indiana turns into a blood curdling expose about violence and spiritual rebirth. Ignoring the opening seen the movie begins
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Because the movie was so simple and directed towards character development and not plot development it needed to create some very realistic emotions, and it did. It explained in pictures how terrible and gruesome it is to kill a person and how intense and erotic it is to be in love. The movie was no holds barred in the most fundamental sense. While the cinematographer was not challenged with extensive special effects he/she did a tremendous job of shooting and editing the movies romantic scenes as well as the all important violent scenes. One scene that stuck out is when one of the characters shoots another in the face and you see his blood and brains spray out the back of his skull. While this has been done in other movies I have never seen it done so convincingly. It was these kinds of small things the movie relied on to bring forth emotion and it was the cinematographer who came through to make this movie worth seeing. Overall I am not a movie buff; in fact the last movie I saw in theatres was "The Italian Job", yet recommending this movie to anyone is a no brainier. People love to see movies for a variety of reasons, but one reason I love movies is because they create a dramatic portrayal of reality, and I have not seen a movie do that as well as this one in long time. If you like to see a simple story executed perfectly on film "A History of Violence" is one of the
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