A Holistic Business Problem

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BUSINESS ETHICS Provide credible responses to a holistic business problem where industry conditions, business strategy, financial outcomes, marketing approaches, and human resource management policies must be taken into account together with considerations of ethics and CSR. A holistic business problem with ethical implications can occur within the overall proposal process. Timken, particularly due to its minority position within the European market, has a particular interest in the operations of Rulmenti Grei. These operations of Rulmenti Grei can provide Timken with operational efficiencies to better compete with its European counterparts. It is through this desire that ethical considerations occur. As the case indicates, Rulmenti Grei provides Timken with a broader more diversified product offering. The European consumer likes to purchase an array of products from a single provider. This is in stark contrast to the American market that prefers the niche companies who specify in a particular ball bearing. This contrast in consumer preferences creates ethical issues for Timken. For one, in order to better position itself in the bidding process. Management may overstate or over emphasize the financial prowess of the company. As the case states, the Romanian government requires that all bidders present a general overview of how they plan to upgrade and innovate their respective plants. These elements are then recorded on a scoring sheet and weighted by the Romanian
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