A Home Health Aide Encounters Essay

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A home-health aide encounters a situation where she comes in contact with her client’s blood, a couple weeks later she isn’t feeling so good. She thinks she may be coming down with the flu and heads to the store for some over-the-counter medication. After a week of running a fever, chills, night sweats, muscle aches, along with a sore throat they schedule an appointment with her doctor. He thinks it 's a common cold and sends her home. Another week goes by and her symptoms have only gotten worse and now she has swollen lymph nodes and has developed some type of ulcer on her mouth. It 's late at night so she decides to head to the hospital.
Upon arriving to the emergency room the nurse comes in and asks them a series of questions and shortly after the doctor comes in and they decide to perform a few tests. When the results come back and it doesn 't seem to be what he had speculated he returns asking a series of other questions. He says he 's going to run a few more tests. The patient falls asleep and a while later is woken by the doctor and nurse entering the room. They tell the patient that they have finished running the tests and the results are back and her T-cell count is extremely low. She asks them what may have caused this and that 's when she is hit with the news, she has HIV, a virus that attacks the immune system and if left untreated could lead to AIDS. Her mind starts to race as she lays back down hoping this is just a horrible dream.
Throughout this paper we
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