A Home Meal Delivery Service

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The Dabbawalas success as a home meal delivery service relies on the city of Mumbai and the demographics and the culture of its people. The Dabbawalas were able to see a need for Cultureal home cooking where is the city where everyone works there are limited options for religious or cultural food. Over 10 million people live in Mumbi and a majority of these people live in apartment complexes. A question does come up why don’t the people working in Mumbi bring their own lunches to work? The answer is very simple they cannot carry our own dabbas to work because the trains are too crowded in the morning on the way to work and their water supply is unreliable and usually not available and it’s too late. So the meal is not ready by the time we leave for work. The Dabbs workforce is mostly uneducated and illiterate and many times advancements in transportation and technology has been submitted such as the Dabbs having their own cars and their own phones because that would be easier to receive more request for Dabbs and easier to use during the monsoon season when the train is unable to be reliable. However most of these dabbawalas are illiterate and teaching these Dabbawalas to drive and how to use phone and read text messages would be seen as costly. The current system is inexpensive and has a high level of success for delivering Dabbs at affordable, always punctual, and we trust them completely. Sometimes we even put phone chargers, bills, et cetera, in the lunch box if these…
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