A Homemade Education By Malcolm X Analysis

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Education is never the brighter part of anyone’s day, I know I am one of those people. An education can be obtained by anyone, anywhere, at any time. However, when the student has a drive for a better, higher education, it takes great dedication to obtain it. “A Homemade Education” by Malcolm X and “Learning to Read” by Fredrick Douglass are about two individuals that strive to better themselves with their education after previous struggles in their lives. A lack of education makes it hard to get through life regardless your race. Being an African American during black oppression and striving for a higher education shows great dedication. African Americans have been oppressed throughout history, but two men strive to show that no matter your past, an education can be obtained by anyone.Malcolm X started as a child with a positive outlook on life though his family’s life was difficult. As a child blacks, were discriminated against everywhere even while at home where the father of Malcolm died after white supremacists set the home ablaze late one night. Malcolm still tried to maintain a positive outlook with hopes of obtaining the education to become a lawyer. With a racist school, Malcolm’s dreams soon died and he began to drift into a life of crime.
Malcolm X started to build his education while serving his sentence in Charleston Prison with nothing more than an old dictionary.

Through a life of crime, he got by with the education equivalent to that of an eighth grader.
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