A Hope in the Unseen Essay

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A Hope in the Unseen by Ron Suskind is an amazingly touching story for any future teacher. It gives hope to every student who is trying to make it in life. It enforces the importance of teacher expectations, human capital, and cultural capital. It touches on funding issues and the irrelevance of standardized testing. Cedric Jennings' life was everything but easy. He never had the opportunity to take the short, easy path, instead always being forced onto the long, winding road; in Cedric's case it gradually led to a world of success. Everyone, future teachers and others alike, should take the lessons in this story to heart, both as an example and as inspiration.

Set high goals... achieve high goals. This should be the theme in every
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The other students lacked the drive to achieve. The teachers would make a poor attempt to teach to them, and often "passing grades are granted just for showing up" (Suskind pg. 46). Some teachers may have even made the lessons easier to accommodate the perception they had of the students. The lack of support for these children did just as the Pygmalion Effect predicts; poor expectations equal poor results. The school was lacking on resources so the standard teaching tool was a worksheet (Suskind pg. 17). "Attendance is too irregular and books too scarce, even in the advanced sections, to actually teach many lessons during class. Often worksheets are just the previous day's homework, and Cedric can finish them quickly" (Suskind pg. 17). There were many teachers fighting against Cedric, in a discussion two teachers said, "That Cedric...nothing but trouble. Quick tongue and too much pride" (Suskind pg. 17). Cedric had a 4.02 GPA and was nearly first in his class, though his teachers rarely offered encouragement. What motivated Cedric was the drive to prove them all wrong. Suskind called this "something to push against."

Later as he progressed and made his way out of Ballou, he went on to MIT where the professors and administrators did not believe in him either. They saw him as a poor black male that would never make it on his own. In their eyes he was not keeping up with the rest of the children and

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