A Hospital 's Emergency Room

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Bioterrorism/Disaster Plan A hospital’s emergency room (ER) is typically the site for presentation of patients from a disaster or bioterrorism event. Nurses working in the ER setting are the first to treat these patients. Thus it is of great importance to have a plan in place that can effectively meet the unique needs of this type of situation. I am employed in the ER at Good Samaritan Hospital (GSH) in Vincennes, Indiana. Our ER has its own set criteria that fits into the overall disaster plan of the hospital. Since the ER is the primary intake location at GSH, I chose to evaluate our ER’s disaster plan. Disaster Analysis Chain of Authority The effectiveness of a disaster plan is dependent on its chain of authority which establishes…show more content…
All hospital staff are required to keep their phone numbers current in order to be able to receive this text. The nursing supervisor notifies the charge nurses on each unit in the hospital via a house wide web page and the units prepare for the influx of patients. The nursing staff then set up the three triage areas that are established at GSH, the emergency room ambulance intake garage, endoscopy, and the physical therapy gym. The house supervisor maintains contact with other supervisors and officers via his or her hospital supplied internet phone or with walkie talkies if the phone system is down. In the event of total power loss, the disaster plan mentions that non-skilled labor personnel will be put in place to act as runners between control centers and house supervisors to relay messages. Routes and Modes of Transport Once an ambulance arrives at the intake garage; they are not permitted to come inside for unloading as exhaust fumes could potentially harm the staff inside the garage. Ambulances unloading inside the garage would also force those outside to wait before unloading patients. The triage physician, PA or triage nurse will quickly assess each patient and assign them a location for care. Red level patients will go directly to
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