A Hostile Work Environment at the Senior Center

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However, the work atmosphere was hostile because there was poor communication with the coordinator. The job description required managers to help when needed, but it turned out to be a permanent stage, not just when needed. This job was a good example of what a manager should be. According to the course materials, emotions and constructive criticism affects job performance. In addition, the manager’s beliefs and integrity is clearer when there is good communication. Therefore, the course materials provide a guide on how to be a good manager, which is part of good public communication. To begin, while covering for kitchen staff and delivery drivers, reports, payroll, and inventory were due. When something did not go like the coordinator wanted it, she would yell in front of the staff, decreasing my authority. An employee will work hard with passion if their emotions at work do not interfere with performance. “Emotions are a quintessential part of the human condition, and as such, they are relevant to the work of public managers; emotions affect managerial judgment, interpersonal relationships, and job performance,” (Berman & West, 2008, pg. 742). Instead of yelling to get a point across, they received training on how to do the job and received positive reinforcement; the staff had a higher performance regardless of the hours and amount of work because of…
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