A Human Body

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Second Rheya attempts suicide while Chris is sleeping by drinking liquid oxygen, but she regenerates and comes back to “life”. An arrangement of subatomic particles and flesh does not make a human a human, an individual. She is just a cellular imitation of Rheya with some of her memories, based only on what Christ knows. After regenerating, Second Rheya states frantically, “In your memory you get to control everything… even if you remember something wrong, I am predetermined to carry it out. I’m suicidal because that’s how you remember me.” So everything she was before Chris, the true individual of Rheya, is not included in this being. Of the many things Solaris shows us about subjectivity, one is that there is a unique essence in every individual, a base ‘I’ that is present before the memories and events in one’s life. This concept is proven by the nature of the Solaris duplicates, who only have the second part (memories), and no base ‘I’. Therefore, they are not real humans, only physical imitations with brief memories. The duplicates are conscious of themselves and have free will, but again, Second Rheya is only suicidal because that’s how Chris remembers her. She starts her existence from there. This is reminiscent of Descartes’ theory that the self is the origin of all experience and knowledge, “before I am anything I am I” and then you become defined by the rational observations and connections you make about the world. The Solaris duplicates of Rheya only have the…
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