A Human For Nature Essay

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A Human For Nature

When looking at the issue of humans and nature throughout history, one significant figure stands out in my mind: Theodore Roosevelt. Without him, the most beautiful and serene places in North America may have been destroyed or fallen to the hands of developers. Development and conservation of land have been issues that we have faced since Europeans first landed in America. Today, environmental issues are a concern that any contending political candidate must address. In focusing on Theodore Roosevelt, we will find a basis for preservation in America. We will also explore some of the preservation actions that take place in our world today.

The original forests in the United States covered an extremely large amount
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Yet for the most part, the loggers, the government, and the rest of the country still viewed the land and forests of America as endless and interminable.

Fortunately, an individual came along who put future public interest above the current private interest of the nations resources: Theodore Roosevelt. Over the course of his life Roosevelt has been responsible for creating 4 Big Game Refugees, 51 National Bird Reservations, the National Forrest Service and five National Parks including Crater Lake in Oregon and the Anasazi ruins at Mesa Verde, Colorodo1. He brought many of our countries most beautiful landscapes into the light that they deserved. In doing so, these national "jewels" were recognized by the government as natural resources that require federal management for their up keep. The contributions that Roosevelt has made to our country allow him to truly be considered a human for nature.

Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City in 1858 and grew up in a wealthy family. Despite being sick due to asthma, Theodore spent most of his time outside. Theodore’s childhood showed the first signs of his love for nature and animals. Theodore’s interests likely came from his father who had opened the Roosevelt Museum of Natural History and co-founded the American

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